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Winter tips for your poultry

Monday 21 January 2013
Here are some of our top tips for keeping your poultry healthy through the cold spell.

• Use petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on extremities such as their comb to help to prevent frost bite

• Make sure they have access to clean fresh water and check regularly to make sure it is not frozen

• Provide a feed with quality protein sources, this is particularly important if they are going through the moult

• Ensure a complete balanced diet is provided - even if your hens are not laying, they still need quality nutrition for good health

• To make sure your hens are getting the right balance of nutrients, only feed treats in the afternoon after they have eaten their complete feed and no more than around 20g (an egg cup full), per bird

• Make sure there is shelter in their run for protection from the elements

• Ensure the run isn’t poached and muddy – untreated bark on the ground can help to prevent this

• Make sure there is adequate ventilation in the hen house

• Don’t forget to make sure worming is kept up to date

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